PGSQL is the PostgreSQL Community Distribution that is developer friendly and cross-platform. We fully embrace core PostgreSQL and it's rich community based eco-system of enterprise-class extensions. We support CentOS 7 & 8 as well as Ubuntu 18.04 & 20.04 (including Ubuntu on Windows 10 Subsystem for Linux)

Download & Usage

We run in a sandboxed environment that is perfect for running in a container, on bare metal, or in the cloud environment of your choice.
Install as non-root user:

Usage sample:

Rock-Solid Postgres
  PostgreSQL  v13.2-3 11-Feb
pg13 [amd]

New in v13  24-Sep-2020
  PostgreSQL  v12.6-3 11-Feb
pg12 [amd]

New in v12 03-Oct-2019
  PostgreSQL  v11.11-3 11-Feb
pg11 [amd]

New in v11 08-Oct-2018

  TimescaleDB  v2.1.1 29-Mar
timescaledb-pg13 [amd]
Time Series Data
  pgLogical  v2.3.3 5-Oct
pglogical-pg13 [amd]
Logical Replication
  PostGIS  v3.1.1 28-Jan
postgis-pg13 [amd]
Spatial Extensions
  Citus  v10.0.3 15-Mar
citus-pg13 [amd]
Multi Node Data & Queries
  pgCron  v1.3.1 30-Mar
cron-pg13 [amd]
Scheduler as Background Worker
  pgBulkLoad  v3.1.17 5-Feb
bulkload-pg13 [amd]
High Speed Data Loading
  pgRepack  v1.4.6 30-Sep
repack-pg13 [amd]
Remove Table/Index Bloat
  pgPartman  v4.5.0 31-Mar
partman-pg13 [amd]
Partition Managemnt
  HypoPG  v1.2.0 26-Feb
hypopg-pg13 [amd]
Hypothetical Indexes
  pgBackRest  v2.33 5-Apr
backrest [amd]
Backup & Restore
  pgAudit  v1.5.0 21-Sep
audit-pg13 [amd]
Audit Logging
  Anonymizer  v0.8.1 10-Feb
anon-pg13 [amd]
Anonymization & Masking
  FixedDecimal  v1.1.0 19-Nov
fixeddecimal-pg13 [amd]
Much faster than NUMERIC

Data Integration
  Oracle to PG  v21.1 1-Apr
ora2pg [gcc perl]
Migrate from Oracle to PG
  Oracle FDW  v2.3.0 24-Sep
oraclefdw-pg13 [amd]
Oracle from PG
  OraFCE  v3.15.0 11-Mar
orafce-pg13 [amd]
Ora Built-in Packages
  wal2json  v2.3 9-Aug
wal2json-pg13 [amd]
Output plugin for logical decoding
  MongoFDW  v5.2.8 27-Oct
mongofdw-pg13 [amd]
MongoDB Queries from PG
  ElasticSearchFDW  v0.11.1 9-Apr
esfdw-pg13 [amd]
Elastic Search from PG
  MySQL FDW  v2.5.5 21-Oct
mysqlfdw-pg13 [amd]
Access MySQL, Percona & MariaDB
  TDS FDW  v2.0.2 26-Sep
tdsfdw-pg13 [amd]
SQL Server & Sybase from PG
  CassandraFDW  v3.1.5 30-Dec-19
cassandrafdw-pg12 [amd] --test
Cassandra from PG
  HiveFDW  v4.0 27-Sep
hivefdw-pg13 [amd] --test
Big Data Queries from PG

Database Developers
  PL/Profiler  v4.1 23-Aug-19
plprofiler-pg13 [amd]
Stored Procedure Profiler
  PL/Debugger  v2.0 24-Feb
pldebugger-pg12 [amd]
Procedural Language Debugger
  psqlODBC  v13.00 19-Nov
psqlodbc [amd]
ODBC Driver
  PL/pgSQL  v13 13-Feb
plpgsql [amd]
Postgres Procedural Language
  PL/Python  v13 13-Feb
plpython3 [amd]
Python3 Stored Procedures
  PL/Perl  v13 13-Feb
plperl [amd]
Perl Stored Procedures
  PL/Java  v1.6.2 27-Nov
pljava-pg13 [amd] --test
Java Stored Procedures

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