PGSQL is the most developer friendly PostgreSQL Community Distribution. We fully embrace core PostgreSQL and it's rich community based eco-system of enterprise-class extensions. We run in a sandboxed environment that is perfect for running in a container, on bare metal, or in the cloud environment of your choice. Our optimized and secure static binaries run on EL8 (Redhat/Rocky/CentOS) & Ubuntu 20.04+.

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Postgres for ARM & AMD
   v14beta3-2 12-Aug
New in 2021
v13.4-2 12-Aug
New in 2020

Streaming Change Data Capture
  Spock  v2.4.0 16-Aug
Bi-Directional Replication
  Kafka  v2.7.1 10-May
Streaming Platform
  Debezium  v1.6.1 23-Jul
Heterogeneous CDC

Oracle Compatibility
  pgOSQL  v0.1 20-Jul
PL/SQL® Compatibility
  PlusQL  v0.2 8-Sep
SQL*PLUS® Compatible CLI

Advanced Features
  pgProxy  v4.2.4 2-Aug
Load Balancing & Query Cache
  OracleFDW  v2.3.0 24-Sep
Oracle from PG
  TimescaleDB  v2.3.1 7-Jul
Time Series Data
  TDS FDW  v2.0.2 26-Sep
SQL Server & Sybase from PG

More Extensions
  pgBouncer  v1.16.0 9-Aug
Lightweight Connection Pooler
  pgBulkLoad  v3.1.18 1-Jun
High Speed Data Loading
  pgRepack  v1.4.6 30-Sep
Remove Table/Index Bloat
  HypoPG  v1.3.1 22-Jun
Hypothetical Indexes

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