PGSQL is the most developer friendly PostgreSQL Community Distribution. We fully embrace core PostgreSQL and it's rich community based eco-system of enterprise-class extensions. We run in a sandboxed environment that is perfect for running in a container, on bare metal, or in the cloud environment of your choice. Our optimized and secure static binaries run on EL7, EL8, Ubuntu 18.04+, & Amazon Linux 2.

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Rock-solid Postgres
   v14.1-2 24-Jan
New in 2021
v13.5-4 3-Dec
New in 2020
v12.9 11-Nov
New in 2019
v11.14 11-Nov
New in 2018

Oracle Migration & Compatibility
  MariaDB 10.6.5  v10.6 8-Nov
MySQL w/ mode=oracle
  IvorySQL  v14.0 13-Dec
Postgres w/ mode=oracle
  Oracle to PG  v23.0 15-Nov
Migrate from Oracle to PG
  OracleFDW  v2.4.0 23-Sep
Oracle from PG
  OraFCE  v3.18.1 14-Jan
Ora Built-in Packages
  pgHintPlan  v1.4.0 18-Jan
Execution Plan Hints

Streaming Change Data Capture
  Apache Kafka  v2.8.1 17-Sep
Streaming Platform
  Debezium  v1.8.0.Final 16-Dec
Heterogeneous CDC
  Apicurio  v2.1.5 21-Dec
Schema Registry
  wal2json  v2.4 31-Aug
Logical decoding via JSON
  DecoderBufs  v1.7.0 1-Oct
Logical decoding via ProtoBuf
  pgLogical  v2.4.1 13-Dec
Logical Replication

Hybrid Transactional/Analytical Processing (HTAP)
  Citus  v10.2.3 30-Nov
Distributed PostgreSQL for OLTP, Analytical & Time-series
  pgPool2  v4.2.7 22-Dec
LoadBalancer & QueryCache
  Redis 6.2.6  v6.2 4-Oct
In-Memory DataStore

Database Developers
  PL/Profiler  v4.1 19-Oct
Stored Procedure Profiler
  PL/Debugger  v1.4 23-Sep
Stored Procedure Debugger
  pgAdmin 4  v6.2 16-Dec
PostgreSQL Tools
  PL/V8  v2.3.15 11-Jul
Javascript Stored Procedures

More Apps & Extensions
  TimescaleDB  v2.5.1 2-Dec
Time Series Data
  pgBouncer  v1.16.1 11-Nov
Connection Pooler
  MongoFDW  v5.3.0 17-Nov
MongoDB from PG
  PostGIS  v3.2.0 17-Dec
Spatial Extensions
  MySQL FDW  v2.7.0 17-Nov
MySQL & MariaDB from PG
  TDS FDW  v2.0.2 26-Sep
SQL Server & Sybase from PG
  pgBulkLoad  v3.1.19 12-Oct
High Speed Data Loading
  pgRepack  v1.4.7 3-Oct
Remove Table/Index Bloat
  pgPartman  v4.6.0 7-Oct
Partition Managemnt
  WAL-G  v1.1 12-Aug
Archival Restoration Tool
  pgBackRest  v2.37 3-Jan
Backup & Restore
  pgAudit  v1.6.1 4-Nov
Audit Logging
  pgCron  v1.4.1 25-Sep
Background Job Scheduler
  Anonymizer  v0.9.0 3-Jul
Anonymization & Masking
  HypoPG  v1.3.1 22-Jun
Hypothetical Indexes
  pgBadger  v11.6 4-Sep
Performance Reporting

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